Top 10 Athletes Turned Golfers

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6. Rick Rhoden

Some people argue that starting pitchers have some of the easiest jobs in the world, considering that they usually work only once every five games. While plenty of work and conditioning goes on the other four days, the schedule does leave plenty of free time. So it’s easy to understand how 16-year MLB veteran Rick Rhoden had such an impressive golf game once he retired.

As a big-league pitcher from 1974-89, Rhoden pitched for the Dodgers, Pirates, Yankees and Astros. He racked up an impressive 151 wins, with a 3.59 ERA and 1,419 strikeouts. Rhoden was also known as one of the better hitting pitchers and once had an 11-game hitting streak. He also was the first pitcher to start a game at DH when he did so for the Yankees in 1988. While many hitting experts believe that swinging a golf club hurts your baseball swing, Rhoden may be proof that swinging a baseball bat could make you a better golfer.

After retiring from baseball in 1989, Rhoden became an accomplished golfer. Over the years he has become the all-time money leader on golf’s Celebrity Players Tour, capturing 50 tour titles. He also has played in a number of Champions Tour events and recorded three top-10 finishes. The most impressive stat in his entire professional sports career might be that he has recorded nine holes-in-one, four during competition.

Top 10 Athletes Turned Golfers

6 / 11
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