Top 10 College Football 'Games of the Century'

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Top 10 College Football 'Games of the Century'

Let the hype begin.

How big is Saturday's LSU-Alabama showdown? It's only the 12th time in the post-World War II era that the top two ranked teams will be facing each other in a regular season game in November or December. At stake: The winner is just about assured of a place in the BCS championship game and the loser might have a fighting chance to earn a rematch, if the game is close.

So the tussle in Tuscaloosa will amount to college football's latest "Game of the Century," a phrase that's not entirely hyperbolic and ironic. Whereas in pro football and other sports, the most hyped games frequently end in disappointment, that's rarely been the case in college football. In the aforementioned 11 games, nine were decided by a touchdown or less and only one was a blowout.

If history repeats itself, we should have yet another all-time classic in a sport where the regular season isn't a mere prelude to a playoff. While we soak in the hype, let's review the Top 10 College Football 'Games of the Century':

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