Top 10 Free Agents with the Biggest Impact

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Top 10 Free Agents With the Biggest Impact

Given the epic battle we just witnessed betwen Cleveland and Golden State for the second straight year in the NBA Finals, few would have said that that matchup was lacking anything. Kevin Durant is not one of those few. The (now former) Oklahoma City superstar, eager for a shot at a title, on Fourth of July announced his signing of a max contract with the Warriors.

Generally, a big-name free agent signing brings hope to a franchise, but the 73-game-winning Warriors had plenty hope to begin with. Of course Golden State wouldn't turn down a player of Durant's caliber, but the move seems primarily geared to get Durant a trophy (what Charles Barkley is calling "cheating" for a title). 

But what about those other free agent moves that changed a team's destiny - like LeBron's return to Cleveland? Let's take a look. Here are the Top 10 Free Agents With the Biggest Impact.

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