Top 10 Free Agents with the Biggest Impact
Top 10 Free Agents With the Biggest Impact
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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10. Manny Ramirez ››

This year’s crop of free agents has a chance to alter the landscape of the NBA for at least the next decade. The phrase “sources say” probably has never been used as often as it has been recently. “Sources” have said to expect just about every combination imaginable, linking members of this crop of free agents and the teams with cap room to sign them.

All the conjecture could end this week, since free agents can sign beginning Thursday. What still needs to be determined is the impact these big-name players will have on their future teams. Will they bring multiple championships, or will their huge contracts handicap the organizations for years?

Whenever a big-name free agent signs, it brings hope to a franchise. Maybe that player will be the missing piece in the championship puzzle. Maybe he will lead the turnaround from basement dwellers to elite. Here are the Top 10 Free Agents With the Biggest Impact.

*Not included are players who re-signed with their previous teams. For example, Tim Duncan re-signed with the Spurs in 2000.

10. Manny Ramirez ››

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