Top 10 Free Agents with the Biggest Impact

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10. Reggie White

1993 - Philadelphia to Green Bay

Four Years, $17 Million

The first season of true NFL free agency was 1993, and the crown jewel was Reggie White. He was actually one of the main reasons free agency came into existence. White was the biggest name tied to the 1992 lawsuit that led a jury to decide that the NFL’s so-called Plan B violated antitrust laws, thus paving the way for White to enter free agency.

For eight seasons, White was a force as a sackmaster for the Philadelphia Eagles and one of the best pass rushers who ever played the game. Yet the Eagles declined to pay the money White was seeking, so he visited seven cities and met with potential new employers. White had said he wanted to go to a contender, but he also said, “God will tell me where to go.” When the Packers offered a four-year, $17 million contract that would make him the highest-paid defensive player in the league, White headed to Green Bay.

In his first season there, White helped lead the Packers into the playoffs. With White and Brett Favre, the Packers went on to win Super Bowl XXX.

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