Top 10 Sports Blogs of 2011

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Top 10 Sports Blogs

Over the past decade, sports blogs have become a force in a media environment where we can never get enough. Many of those blogs were started by enterprising individuals, though over time, they were absorbed by bigger media companies that realized their value to the properties. Some of mainstream sports web sites even started blogs of their own, with distinctive styles and personalities to set them apart from their standard sports coverage.

Sometimes picking through this information overload is a challenge. And since many blogs are not professionally written, edited and managed, it's easy to see why they're mistake-prone and untrustworthy. But out of the thousands (perhaps even millions) of sports blogs in existence, there are some that truly stand out.

We at RealClearSports decided to issue our first annual Top 10 Sports Blogs, after a vote and collaboration by our editors. Our criteria are that the blogs must be ones that cover an entire sport or topic, so blog networks (such as SB Nation) or ones that devote specifically to a team or a school (such as MGoBlog) do not qualify. And to maintain impartially, we did not consider many of the quality blogs in our own Blog Network.

Our choices turn out to be pretty diverse, covering just about all major sports, as well as sports business and statistics. We welcome your comments on our choices and would love to hear your nominations for this list next year. For now, these are our Top 10 Sports Blogs:

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