Top 10 Sports Blogs of 2011

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Puck Daddy

Puck Daddy is a great blend of everything an NHL fan needs and wants. The Yahoo! blog contains all the boilerplate necessities: its nightly "Three Stars," game previews, notable transactions, on-ice news and off-ice developments.

Puck Daddy also provides plenty of video enhancements, highlighting big goals and crunching hits. The blog is not too inward-gazing to present plenty of links to other news sources that embellish or augment Puck Daddy's coverage. And while way too many blogs seem to thrive on over-the-top idiocy and bombastic snark, what makes Puck Daddy such a comfortable stopping point is its low-level sardonic humor.

For instance, just last week we were treated to this headline: "Montreal Canadiens trade for what used to be Tomas Kaberle." Those familiar with the rapid ascent and subsequent plunge to earth of Kaberle's reputation got a nice chuckle out of that. And there was this timeless truism: "Every year, around playoff time, shoulder strains become upper-body injuries, pulled groins become lower-body injuries, and pretty much everything else becomes the flu." Uh, yes.

But Puck Daddy does not shy from occasionally venturing into in-your-face assertions. Witness its recent introduction of "Trending Topics," a new addition to its lineup: "Trending Topics is a new column that looks at the week in hockey according to Twitter. If you're only going to comment to say how stupid Twitter is, why not just go have a good cry for the slow, sad death of your dear Internet instead?"

Top 10 Sports Blogs

2 / 11
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