Top 10 Sports Blogs of 2011

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The Daily Fix

For a publication better known for its coverage of European debt, alternative energy and mortgage-backed securities, the Wall Street Journal loosens its necktie a bit when venturing into sports. The Journal, predictably, hits the day's big topics - the BCS, the NBA labor situation, the impending NFL playoffs. But a regular feature called The Daily Fix, available with a click on the upper right side of the main sports page, presents "the Journal's all-purpose sports report."

The Fix covers pretty much all topics but focuses on just a few a day in more depth. It does much of the usual. It presents NFL picks. It live-blogged a weekend boxing match. But one of its most appealing elements is its integration of The Count, which emphasizes statistical analysis, often with simple-to-digest charts and graphs.

One of the best examples of the creativity involved was last week's analysis of Albert Pujols' new contract with the Angels. Everyone knows 10 years is a long time and $254 million is a lot of money. But exactly what does Pujols have to deliver to make his deal worthwhile to the Angels? This sentence gives an idea of the Daily Fix's parameters: "I looked at the other 84 men to earn at least 15 wins above replacement by their age-31 season while playing at least three-quarters of their games at first base or designated hitter." That's not something many of us would do. But it's darn good information.

Top 10 Sports Blogs

11 / 11
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