Top 10 Can't-Miss Prospects Who Missed

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5. Brien Taylor

“He wasn't a good No. 1 draft pick," Scott Boras once said of Brien Taylor.  "He was a great one."

The rumor was he threw an 85-mph fastball, as a 12 year old.  By the time he was a senior in high school, that fastball was exploding out of his hand, regularly clocked at 95, and was known to reach 99 mph.  He struck out 213 in just 88 innings.  Boras, who knows a thing or two about drafts and prospects, said, "I've been through 28 drafts, and Brien Taylor, still to this day, is the best high school pitcher I've seen in my life.”

But don’t bother looking up the major league stats for Brien Taylor – they don’t exist.

Taylor, who signed with the Yankees and got a $1.55 million bonus, was working his way through the majors when he injured his shoulder in a fight.  After that, his career was nothing but minor league struggles.  In 1995 he walked 54 batters in 40 innings; it was 43 walks in just 16.1 innings in 1996, going 0-5 with an 18.73 ERA; the next year, 52 walks in 27 innings, along with a 14.33 ERA.

The Yanks finally released him in 1998, seven years after they drafted him.  In his final appearance ever, Taylor lasted just 2.2 innings and gave up 11 runs on nine hits.  He is now forever known as the second player ever to be picked first overall in the MLB Draft and never reach the majors.

Top 10 Can't-Miss Prospects Who Missed



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