Top 10 Celebratory Traditions

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Cutting Down the Nets

With March Madness hurtling toward its conclusion, four teams celebrated clinching a trip to Houston for the Final Four. Coaches and players alike climbed ladders to perform the time-honored tradition of cutting down the nets. Like One Shining Moment and Selection Sunday, this somewhat novel act has become a tournament mainstay. However, while the former has gone through various iterations and the latter has grown increasingly commercial, the origins of cutting down the nets are as pure as the tournament victory itself.

In 1947, North Carolina State won the Southern Conference championship. Searching for a way to commemorate their victory, Wolfpack players hoisted famed coach Everett Case on to their shoulders as he cut the net right off the rim with a pair of scissors. Since his initial act of taking down the nets, Case’s seemingly arbitrary choice has become something every player - and coach - dreams of. The opportunity to cut down the nets is afforded only to champions, and the simple souvenir is now one of sports’ most treasured commodities.

Top 10 Unique Celebratory Traditions

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