10 Questions with Christine Brennan
10. Double No-Hitter
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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RCS: Alright, last question. Who were the two pitchers involved in the only double no-hitter in baseball history?

Brennan: Toney and Vaughn.  That’s a good one. I love that.  As you know, I started my father-daughter memoir, Best Seat in the House, with a story about answering that trivia question on a radio station in 1969 and winning two tickets to a Cleveland Indians game. I can't ever forget the answer to that question, can I?

By the way, that's Fred Toney and James "Hippo" Vaughn, from the Reds and the Cubs, respectively, back in 1917. Thanks for asking.

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‹‹ 9. The Washington Post or Deadspin?

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