9 Questions with Clay Travis

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6. Did the Senate BCS Hearing Make a Difference?

RCS: College football made some unusual news this off-season related to balancing business interests with the interests of amateur-athletics. Last month, Senator Orrin Hatch held Senate hearings to discuss whether the BCS violated antitrust laws.

As both a trained lawyer and college football expert, do you think the hearing made any difference?

Travis: Yes, I think it did.

The misconception about that hearing was that something immediate was going to happen. The reality is that the hearing was designed to help bring about a Department of Justice hearing into the antitrust elements of the BCS system. So it's a process. I think people want an immediate fix to the situation, and that's not going to happen. It's going to take a while. The reality is Congress is not going to take any action on the college football system, but the Department of Justice might. Either that or Dan Wetzel at Yahoo will. He's systematically destroying every rationale for the BCS. Great work.

9 Questions with Clay Travis

7 / 10
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