Top 10 Coach Killers

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John Elway

Under Dan Reeves, the Broncos went to three Super Bowls in four seasons from 1986 to 1989. Of course, they also had star quarterback John Elway on those teams and the two didn’t always see eye to eye. Reeves had a hand in getting rid of an Elway favorite, offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan after the 1991 season. In addition to that, with their first-round draft pick in the 1992 draft, the Broncos selected quarterback Tommy Maddox out of UCLA instead of going with a wide receiver to help Elway.

Reeves took over the offensive play calling for the 1992 season and later Elway would say he was trying to do a job that was “too big for one man.” After a disappointing 8-8 campaign, the Broncos fired Reeves and two seasons later brought back Shanahan, who would help Elway cement his Hall of Fame credentials in his twilight years.

In an interesting twist, Reeves and Elway would square off in Super Bowl XXXII. Elway and the Broncos defeated Reeves’ Falcons, 34-19, as Elway went out on top, retiring after winning a second consecutive Lombardi Trophy.

Top 10 Coach Killers

10 / 11
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