Top 10 College Football Entrances

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9. Play Like A Champion Today

A wooden sign 4-feet high by 3-feet wide with the simple phrase -- "Play Like A Champion Today" -- in blue and gold. It’s this sign that sends chills down Notre Dame fans’ spines, and it is the creed by which all Golden Domers play. As Notre Dame walks down the stairs before entering the tunnel, they hit the sign as a final reminder before walking onto the field.

The sign gained notoriety largely thanks to NBC, who began airing the ritual in 1991. But the origins of the sign itself are a bit murky. When Lou Holtz took the Notre Dame job in 1986, he read everything he could on the program and in one of those books he came across a photo that had the sign “Play Like A Champion Today”. He inquired what had happened to the sign and no one even remembered it. So, he commissioned someone to make the sign and hung it in the tunnel.

The touching of the sign combined with probably the most famous fight song in college football, the “Notre Dame Victory March”, makes their entrance one of the most exciting in all of college football.

Top 10 College Football Entrances

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