Top 10 College Football Trophies

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2. Floyd of Rosedale

Awarded to the winner of Iowa vs. Minnesota

Floyd of Rosedale now is a bronze statue of a pig but the original pig might have helped in preventing a riot.

In 1934, Minnesota was the best team in the nation. The Golden Gophers traveled to Iowa and beat up the Hawkeyes, 48-12. The crowd was particularly raucous and especially didn’t like the way Minnesota was handling their star player, Ozzie Simmons. Simmons was a black running back and many thought the Gophers were being particularly violent toward him. Simmons, however, told a reporter he didn’t think Minnesota had played dirty. Years later he admitted there were some dirty plays but chalked it up to his dominance on the field rather than his race.

The following year, Minnesota traveled back to Iowa, and leading up to the game Iowa Gov. Clyde Hering said, “If the officials stand for any rough tactics like Minnesota used last year, I'm sure the crowd won't." With tensions high, Minnesota Gov. Floyd Olson felt like he had to lighten the mood and bet Hering a pig on the outcome of the game. The crowd was loud but didn’t get out of line during the game despite watching their team lose again, 13-7. Hering followed through with the bet and delivered a prize hog from Rosedale, Iowa to Gov. Floyd.

Picture courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society

Top 10 College Football Trophies

10 / 11
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