Top 10 College Football Trophies

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7. Jeweled Shillelagh

Awarded to the winner of Notre Dame vs. USC

Although it hasn’t been much of a rivalry as of late, USC vs. Notre Dame is still the biggest intersectional games of the year. The rivalry began in 1926, but it wasn’t until 1952 that they had a trophy “to symbolize in part the high tradition, the keen rivalry and above all the sincere respect which these two great universities have for each other." That is how Notre Dame Alumni Club of Los Angeles, the creators, described the jeweled shillelagh that became the trophy for this rivalry.

A shillelagh is a Gaelic war club made of two types of wood. The winner of this rivalry adds a jewel of their team’s color and is in possession of the shillelagh until the following year. For the Irish, an emerald shamrock is added; for the Trojans it’s a ruby Trojan head.

The first shillelagh was retired in 1989 and resides at Notre Dame. But the newer shillelagh has made its home in Southern California for most of the past decade because of the Trojans' recent dominance.

Top 10 College Football Trophies

5 / 11
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