Top 10 College Football Trophies

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9. Paul Bunyan's Axe

Awarded to the winner of Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

This is one of two axes to make the list, but Paul Bunyan’s Axe has a distinct feature: it is the only axe on this list that boasts a handle that is six feet long. It also serves as the trophy for the winner of the Wisconsin-Minnesota game, Division I college football’s longest-running rivalry.

The Badgers and Golden Gophers began playing in 1890, and save for 1906, when the game was canceled by President Roosevelt because “heated college football rivalries” were resulting in “injuries and deaths on the field,” have played every season. Beginning in 1930, they battled for the Slab of bacon, a piece of wood with either a “M” or a “W” on it (depending on which way you looked at it).

The Axe was introduced in 1948, after the Slab went missing (it was later found in 1994). Beginning with games in the ‘60s, the teams printed the final score from each meeting on the handle – things have become so crowded that now they use the narrow side.

Top 10 College Football Trophies



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