Top 10 College QBs Who Switched Positions

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5. Brad Smith

In four years at Missouri, Brad Smith did just about everything he could have hoped for - except turn himself into an NFL quarterback. He was the first player in Division I-A history to pass for 8,000 yards and run for 4,000 yards, and when he left school in 2005, he held 68 Missouri, Big 12 or NCAA records. He also excelled in the classroom and was active in numerous charitable activities. Eventually, none of that mattered.

The Jets made Smith their fourth-round choice in 2006, ostensibly as a wide receiver and quarterback. Even though former Jets coach Eric Mangini labeled Smith a "bona fide quarterback," it never turned out that way. Smith has completed just 4 of 7 passes in five years while rushing 98 times for 767 yards and two touchdowns and catching 64 passes for 557 yards and two TDs.

Perhaps indicative of where his career is headed, in 2010 Smith threw three passes, had four receptions and ran 38 times - but returned 50 kickoffs and played on special teams. Smith signed with the Bills on July 28, and quarterbacking is not in his future.

Top 10 College QBs Who Switched Positions

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