Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros

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Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros

Top draft pick Anthony Davis will make his NBA debut Wednesday night for the New Orleans Hornets. He's the second top overall selection out of Kentucky in three years, after John Wall was taken by the Washington Wizards in 2010.

But do you know that even with Kenutkcy's glorious history, Davis and Wall were the program's only No. 1 overall selections? In fact, only one school has ever had three top picks since the NBA draft began in 1947: Duke. 

Yep, you heard that right. Though Duke is a place that recruits only academically highly accomplished players and usually shuns me-first prep superstars, coach Mike Krzyzewski hasn't exactly won four national titles with overachieving chumps. The Blue Devils have had plenty of talent on their rosters throughout his 32-year tenure in Durham, and their NBA alumni are legion. Kyrie Irving was the first pick in 2011, following Elton Brand (1999) and Art Heyman (1963). 

Now seven years into the NBA's one-and-done era, we want to find out just which schools are the best pipelines for the pros. Some schools, like Kentucky under John Calipari, have gladly taken the risks and recruited players they knew would bolt after just one year in college. Others have been more judicious, such as Duke and North Carolina, though no one can be quite certain if any freshman wouldn't be tempted by the next level after a successful initial season.

Looking at the rosters of the upcoming NBA season, we found and ranked the schools that are currently having the most impact on the pro game. The rankings are both quantitative and qualitative, based on the performances of these players in the NBA. Here's our Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros.

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