Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros

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10. Georgia Tech

For a program that has struggled on the court for the last four years, Georgia Tech has had a wealth of NBA-level talents. In his tenure as head coach from 2000-2011, Paul Hewitt was always a great recruiter, scoring his first big get in 2002 when he landed Chris Bosh and Jarrett Jack. Bosh (pictured) went pro after his freshman year, while Jack stayed around and led the Yellow Jackets all the way to the national championship game, with the help of Will Bynum, another current NBA guard.

Hewitt's (and Tech’s) problem was never bringing talent to Georgia Tech, but keeping it around. Bosh, Thaddeus Young, Derrick Favors and former NBA player Javaris Crittenton all bolted after their freshman seasons, while the only four-year Tech players in the NBA (Anthony Morrow, Mario West and Bynum) are undrafted pros.

Tech fired Hewitt after 2011 as the Yellow Jackets continued to be mired in mediocrity. But despite their struggles, they added another promising NBA player as Iman Shumpert is about to start his second season with the New York Knicks.

Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros

Top 10 Colleges to Produce MLB Pros


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