Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros

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3. Kentucky

Current NBA Players (12): Eric Blesdoe (Clippers), Keith Bogans (Bulls), DeMarcus Cousins (Kings), Chuck Hayes (Rockets), Jamaal Magloire (Heat), Jode Meeks (76ers), Nazr Mohammed (Thunder), Daniel Orton (Magic), Patrick Patterson (Rockets), Tayshaun Prince (Pistons), Rajon Rondo (Celtics), John Wall (Wizards)

After two disappointing seasons under Billy Gillispie, Kentucky made a move to restore its basketball program to its rightful place by hiring John Calipari away from Memphis in 2009. In his first year at the storied franchise Calipari landed quite possibly UK's best recruiting class of all time (Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe and Orton).

Thanks to that recruiting class, in last year’s draft the Wildcats accomplished something that had never been done: They had five players selected in the first round of the same draft. Four of the five were those very same freshmen that Calipari recruited and Calipari called it the ‘greatest day in the history of the program.’ For a school with seven national championships that’s clearly a bit of hyperbole that angered a few Wildcats fans. But if Calipari continues at Kentucky for just a couple more years, it will easily become the most represented school in the NBA.

This year coach Cal and the Wildcats will add Brandon Knight, Enes Kanter (if he counts, since he never played a minute for the school after being delcared ineligible by the NCAA) and DeAndre Liggins to the quickly growing list of Kentucky pros. It’s yet to be seen if Calipari can top the 1996 Kentucky team that won the national championship and produced nine NBA players, and celebrate the true greatest day in the program's history.

Top 10 Colleges to Produce NBA Pros

Top 10 Colleges to Produce MLB Pros

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