Top 10 Schools Producing NBA Talent

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#3 Connecticut Huskies

Under Jim Calhoun, Connecticut has been a factory for NBA talent. In 2005, it was UNC that had four players drafted in the first round, but UConn matched that feat in 2006, with Rudy Gay, Hilton Armstrong, Marcus Williams, and Josh Boone going in the opening round.

There is potential for a few of these players to move up the rankings in the next couple years. Rudy Gay and Emeka Okafor have shown signs that they could reach All-Star status but it’s Ben Gordon who deserves a higher ranking. Gordon had one of his best seasons this past year and flourished in that epic seven-game series against the Celtics in the playoffs. He is due for a big contract somewhere and will undoubtedly reach the consistent starter level for his career.

Top 10 NBA Talent-Producing Colleges


9 / 11
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