Top 10 Most Damaging Egos

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Most Damaging Egos

You probably know someone from your high school who thought they were not just the greatest athlete ever, but also the greatest person alive.  Can you imagine the egomaniac that guy would have turned into had he made it to the pros? To have the confidence and the success needed to make it all the way to the professional ranks, one’s ego only grows larger along the way from high school to the big leagues, until they reach the point that they truly believe the world revolves around them.

With all the money and media attention, it is no surprise that the world of sports is full of gigantic egos, but not all big egos are necessarily damaging. Some players are able to keep their ego separate from their duties to their team, and are a positive influence on those around them.

Muhammad Ali had arguably the biggest ego of all-time, but he was still a beloved champion. Just recently, Shaquille O’Neal was in the news for his comments directed at Stan Van Gundy and others.  Shaq is undeniably in love with himself, and makes sure everyone knows exactly how great he is, but he still remains a great teammate. He reserves his negative comments for his opponents and former teammates.  Not all egos are so benign; often they can destroy teams and entire franchises. Those are the focus of our look at the 10 Most Damaging Egos in Sports.

There is a list of literally hundreds of players, coaches, and owners that would have been perfect. Glory seeking coaches, cry baby football players, self-important baseball stars, and arrogant hoopsters are a dime-a-dozen in the me-first sports world. Just recently, in addition to Shaq, the egos of Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, and Terrell Owens have all been front page news.  Were they egomaniacal enough to make our list?  

Not making the cut was Larry Brown, the coach who quits on all his teams; Latrell Sprewell, a man driven to choke his coach; Jeff Kent, a player hated by all of his teammates he ever came across; and Deion Sanders, a man who refused to tackle or watch game film. While all these people had colossal egos, none of them were quite damaging enough to make our list of the Top Ten Most Damaging Egos in Sports.

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