Top 10 Most Damaging Egos

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10: Sean Avery

Sean Avery is undeniably a jerk.  What makes him an egomaniac is that if forced to choose between the goodwill of his team or acting selfishly, Avery seems to have chosen the latter.

During the NHL lockout season, Avery's former teammate, Chris Chelios, was nice enough to let Avery live in his house.  It lasted all of three weeks before Chelios kicked him out, noting, "He turned my house upside down."

Near the end of Avery's 2006 season in L.A., he refused to participate in a practice drill and the team suspended him for the remainder of the season.

This would not be the last time Avery's team decided they had enough.  This season, while on the Dallas Stars, Avery made his infamous "sloppy seconds" comments, supposedly directed at Calgary Flames D Dion Phaneuf.  Avery's teammates and coach did not want the agitator back, who had been told specifically to not make any comments prior to the Flames game.

When it comes down to it, Avery knew it wasn't the right time to talk, but he can't help himself.  He needs to be in the limelight and relishes his role as the most hated player in the NHL so much that he will do whatever is needed to keep it, even if it alienates his teammates and damages the team.

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