13 Questions With Dan Wetzel

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8. Is Cheating Going to Worsen?

RCS: Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun recently wrote a column about the lack of NCAA regulation, in which he quoted you, arguing, "[The NCAA is] almost completely reliant on self-reporting or media accounts. Schools rarely self-report a major violation. There's been just one major infractions case involving a major basketball program in the last 2 1/2 years (Indiana, which self-reported). As media has cut back/changed, the number of investigations has also dropped."

Realistically, with schools rarely self-reporting and investigative reporting fading away, is cheating in college basketball going to get worse?

Wetzel: Yeah, I’ve written a column calling this “the Golden Age of Cheating” in college football and basketball. No one gets punished anymore. I think the NCAA is trying harder right now then they did a few years ago.  I do think there are people at the NCAA, certainly on the enforcement staff, that want to control this.  But when you have 20 investigators on the entire thing, you’re just completely overmatched.  I’m not so convinced that the infractions committee, which doles out the punishments, is as committed to the rules.  Their penalties have been notoriously weak of late. As a result the level of corruption in college sports right now is just off the charts.  If you knew all the stories, you’d watch these games a lot differently.


13 Questions With Dan Wetzel

9 / 14
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