13 Questions With Dan Wetzel

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5. UConn Story Fallout

RCS: Last week, you (and Adrian Wojnarowski) broke the story uncovering UConn’s recruitment violations. What will be the follow-up and fallout from this story?

Wetzel: Well we’re doing a series of stories of the changing roles of agents in college basketball.  There’s endless subject matter on that.  I don’t know if that would necessarily involve UConn or not. UConn is just one school, the problem is everywhere. But if you don’t provide specific examples then these projects have no impact.

There’s an NCAA investigation already underway concerning multiple, major violations.  The story is on the record.  This wasn’t about anonymous sources.  There’s no doubt that there was a relationship between Josh Nochimson and Nate Miles that was against NCAA rules.  There’s no doubt that UConn assistant Tom Moore pointed Miles out to Nochimson and knew that the relationship was going on.  And there’s no doubt that UConn exchanged 1,500 plus phone and text messages with Josh Nochimson while it was going on. 

That’s why this is a different kind of story.  I know people’s eyes glaze over with agents and phone calls and all of that.  But this is a program initiating, knowing about and possibly directing a relationship between an alum, who also happens to be an agent, and a top prospect.  I’ve heard people compare it to the Indiana case, because there were also some excessive phone calls. Excessive phone calls are the least severe of the charges. This is far more significant than Indiana. It’s not even close.

I’m sure UConn will figure out some kind of a defense, but the NCAA is taking it seriously.  What comes of it is up to them.  It’s their rules and their system.


13 Questions With Dan Wetzel

6 / 14
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