Top 10 Most Devastating Playoff Injuries

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Top 10 Most Devastating Playoff Injuries

What was one of the most exciting NBA regular seasons in recent memory has turned sour with injuries hitting teams hard in the playoffs. First it was Stephen Curry's sprained MCL, which is projected to sideline him for at least two weeks. Just days later, the Clippers lost both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin for the remainder of the playoffs due to injuries.

Curry's injury was a nightmare scenario for both Golden State and the league. The Warriors were the team of destiny this year, with their record-setting run to 73 wins making for must-see TV. The possibility that the Warriors don't make the NBA Finals would put a serious damper on fan interest. And if the Warriors don't win the championship, Curry's injury has to go on the books as some of the worst luck in NBA history.

But the Warriors (and Clippers) aren't the first to go through a saga like this. In recent years, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving suffered injuries that derailed serious shots at the title by the Thunder and Cavaliers, respectively. Looking further back, in 1989 a pulled hamstring benched Magic Johnson and the Lakers missed out on a third straight championship. And not just in the NBA, the injury bug can bite in all four major North American pro leagues at the most inopportune time.

Across pro sports, here is a look back at the Top 10 Most Devastating Playoff Injuries.

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