Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2011

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Jets Will Make Playoffs

Playoffs? Rex’s Gang Will Get ThereMike Lupica, New York Daily News

This is all about the coach being as good as he thinks he is and his young quarterback being where he ought to be nearly three full seasons into this. And about where the Jets are - at 5-5 - and where they are going. And where they are going is the playoffs ...

Even with the Giants in first place, the Jets have a much better chance to make the playoffs than the Giants do.

That last one really stings. Not only did the Giants end up winning the NFC East (and now a playoff game to boot), but the Jets collapsed in the final weeks of the season. If Rex Ryan was as good as he thought, he was he’d have an abundance of rings to choose from. Instead, Ryan’s star wide receiver allegedly quit on the team and clashed with his quarterback, in the regular season's final game when everything was on the line.

Speaking of that young QB who Lupica claimed is right where he ought to be in his third season – he got outplayed by two rookie quarterbacks in Cam Newton and Andy Dalton, the latter actually managed to lead his team to the playoffs. In truth the Jets only finished one game behind the Bengals, but they played poorly, losing their last three games and not looking like they belonged in the playoff conversation.

Top 10 Erroneous Columns of 2011

2 / 11
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