Top 10 Famous Fans

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1. Jack Nicholson

Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” plays in the background. The cameras get their iso shots on the celebrities. First there’s Leonardo DiCaprio, then Kyra Sedgwick (only there because she’s promoting her TNT show), then maybe David Beckham, followed by director Penny Marshall, but inevitably, no matter how many stars are in attendance at a Lakers game, it always end with the same person: Jack Nicholson.

Los Angeles fans have been criticized for their lack of enthusiasm. The fans at Dodger Stadium don’t show up until the third inning and celebrities who go to Lakers games are staring at their Blackberry more than the game. But Nicholson is a true fan. He’s been a season ticket holder since 1970 and on Sunday during Game 7, he turned around to the crowd and implored them to get on their feet and cheer. But what puts Nicholson above all others is he has actually worked it into his contract for films to be shot around the Lakers schedule.

Top 10 Famous Fans

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