Top 10 Famous Fans

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2. Spike Lee

What Nicholson is the Lakers, Spike Lee is to the Knicks.

Spike is well-known for his interactions with players and refs, and his most well-known interaction came in Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. The Knicks were playing the Pacers and Lee was jawing at Reggie Miller and ramped it up heading into the fourth quarter. Miller went off for 25 points in the 4th to sink the Knicks and the next day's New York Daily News headline was “Thanks A Lot Spike”. You have to be a pretty famous fan to get blamed for your team’s loss without directly affecting the game.

Spike Lee grew up in Brooklyn and loved the Knicks from an early age. At 14 years-old, he was in the upper deck of the Garden when Willis Reed came back from a knee injury, limped onto the court, and gave the emotional lift to the Knicks that propelled them to a championship-clinching win over the Lakers.

His seats might have improved, but his love for the Knicks has remained, both in good and, most recently, bad years.

Top 10 Famous Fans

10 / 11
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