Top 10 Famous LLWS Players

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3. Jason Varitek

Long before Jason Varitek was catching no-hitters for the Boston Red Sox, he was busy leading the Altamonte Springs National Little League (Altamonte Springs, Fla.) team to the 1984 Little League World Series championship game (a 6-2 loss to Seoul, South Korea).

The three-time MLB All-Star played three positions for his LLWS team (shortstop, first base and catcher) during the tournament in Williamsport. In seven at-bats he tallied just one hit, but did mange three walks and scored a run. 'Tek's success was only just beginning: he is one of just two players ever to play in the the LLWS final, the College World Series championship game and the MLB World Series.

Top 10 LLWS Alumni

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