Top 10 Biggest Fools in Sports

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8. Jonathan Papelbon

If Red Sox fans are worried about losing some foolishness and quirky antics with the departure of Manny, they shouldn’t be – Jonathan Papelbon is still the closer in Boston.

For such a young player – he’s 28, and is only entering his fifth season of pro ball – Papelbon has quickly established an impressive resume, both on the field and in the clubhouse.

In 2006, channeling his inner-Ricky Vaughn, Papelbon shaved his hair into a Mohawk, after losing a bet to Kevin Youkilis.  He also created an alter ego for himself, called “Cinco Ocho” (he wears No. 58), saying, “When I'm out there pitching, it's not Jonathan Papelbon pitching, it's Cinco Ocho pitching. I get a little revved up some times, and Cinco Ocho doesn't know how to control himself when he's out there. We've got a good relationship going on right now with Cinco Ocho, so we'll try and keep it that way."

But things didn’t get really kooky until the Sox won the AL East in 2007, and Papelbon decided to dance an Irish “jig” on the field at Fenway, in his under-shorts.  He then did it again after they won the ALCS, and one more time following the World Series win.  Yes, there’s video of it all.

Still not convinced he loves a good prank?  Ask Craig Sager how his post game interview went. 

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