11 Questions With Gregg Doyel

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10. Are the Bears a Joke?

RCS: K-Mart sucks. Brady Quinn sucks. And you’d probably agree that Jay Cutler sucks. In fact, before the Bears traded for him, you wrote, “He's a joke, OK? He's a joke, and your team will be a joke for trading for him, and you will be a joke for believing it's good news. Jay Cutler, on your team? Not good news.”

So, with Jay Cutler leading their team, are the Bears now a joke too?

Doyel: The Bears are completely a joke for giving up what they gave up to acquire that guy. Two first-rounders, and change, for a quarterback who's as mentally soft as a baby's butt? Not good.

At the first sign of Cutler's softness, they'll eat him alive in Chicago. Crazy trade. And the thing is, Orton was good enough to win there. Orton wasn't the problem. He wasn't as naturally gifted as Cutler, but he was good enough to win there, if the pieces were in place. The Bears are a joke, yes. And Jay Cutler is the punch line.

RCS Interviews Gregg Doyel

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