11 Questions With Gregg Doyel

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8. Why is being Compared to Mariotti Result in an Eye-Roll?

RCS: In the Deadspin interview, you said you rolled your eyes when Rick Chandler compared you to Jay Mariotti. Why is being compared to Mariotti eye-roll worthy?

Doyel: Look, I love Mariotti as a writer. The guy can flat-out string together words and sentences and paragraphs at a very high level. But he goes after people, and I go after people, so of course readers always write me emails to tell me I'm a poor man's (A) Mariotti or (B) Jim Rome. It's an easy thing to do, and I expect that sort of knee-jerk easiness from some people. But when someone as obviously smart as Rick Chandler tells me the same (easy) thing, I roll my eyes.

Again, I love Mariotti's way with words, but I've spent my entire career being bold and fearless in person, and he has spent his career not doing that. His choice, it's fine, but do NOT compare me to someone who doesn't operate the way I operate. Who does operate the way I operate? T.J. Simers, only he does with a smile and a wink. I try to smile and wink, and it comes out like a sneer and a growl. But in my heart I'm smiling and winking.

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