11 Questions With Gregg Doyel

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5. Unavailable Access to Bloggers

RCS: Can you give an example of the kind of access that is – and will continue to be – unavailable to an ambitious blogger?

Doyel: Interviews with certain sources, for one thing. Look, I'm not saying "never." I think in my last answer I said that a story like the UConn break will "almost always" require more access than a blogger has. (I also said blogs have "no chance," which is damn close to saying "never." Apparently I like having it both ways.)

A blogger will come along, like Bill Simmons did with opinion pieces, who blows up what we think we know about non-traditional reporting. There will be a blogger(s) who has the right source, hears the right tip, and is able to nail it down. The Arkansas football situation (fans looked up Houston Nutt's phone logs) of a few years ago showed that non-reporters can access phone records, but 99.4 percent of the time, bloggers don't have access to the initial tip -- or to the sources available to confirm that initial tip. Yahoo! blew up UConn by interviewing, among other people, former UConn assistant Tom Moore. Is Moore going to agree to an interview with a blogger on something as sensitive as potential recruiting violations? Usually, no. But I'd love to see it. Really. Let's go, Christmas Ape. I know you can write your ass off. Now go break something, kid!

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