11 Questions With Gregg Doyel

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1. If They Hate You, Why Do They Read You?

RCS: During the 18 months during which we’ve been aggregating columns for RealClearSports, we’ve noticed that no other sports columnist’s work -- other than maybe Jason Whitlock’s – is as consistently clicked on as yours. But at the same time, according to Deadspin’s Media Approval Ratings, your disapproval is at 73.6 percent. 

To paraphrase from Howard Stern’s Private Parts, if they hate you so much, why do they read you?

Doyel: They don't hate me that much. That's how I sleep at night, anyway.

The people who are moved enough to vote on approval polls, like the people who complain on message boards, are the loud minority. But still the minority. That's what I think (hope?). But if I'm wrong, if I'm being clicked on because people don't like me, hell, that's even better. It means I'm able to present a viewpoint that people know they won't like, yet I do it in a way that still moves them to read it. That's not easy. The Internet is groupthink ground zero, so to bust through that is good. So I take it back. They DO hate me that much. Anyway, I don't care either way -- which is probably the real truth here. I'm going to write what I think, whether someone is going to like it or not. Abject honesty, even if it's misguided honesty, is alluring. Says me.

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