Top 10 Most Famous Hairstyles in Sports

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Top 10 Most Famous Sports Hairstyles

It’s somewhat odd how personal style and looks can become major stories of interest in the world of sports. Brian Wilson, who closed out the Giants' World Series victory Monday night, received as much attention for his dyed black beard as for his dominant postseason performance. Tons of fans in the Bay Area wore fake Brian Wilson beards to games as the Giants took on a “fear the beard” campaign. Wilson’s beard has its own Twitter account with over 3,000 followers and its own Facebook page with over 12,000 "likes."

Wilson’s beard isn’t even the only famous hair in sports right now. Tom Brady has been getting plenty of attention for his Justin Bieber-like locks. One of the rumored reasons for the split between Randy Moss and the Patriots was an alleged dust-up between Moss and Brady in which Brady told Moss to shave his beard while Moss responded that Brady "looked like a girl." A silly little thing like hair usually goes unnoticed, but in some cases it becomes an iconic image or grows its own storyline. These are the Top 10 Most Famous Hairstyles by Athletes.

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