Top 10 NBA Iconic Playoff Moments

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Reggie's Furious Finish

Madison Square Garden tended to bring out the best in Reggie Miller. But his most stunning performance came during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in 1995. It wasn’t that Miller scored 31 points in the game. That was nothing unusual for the sharpshooter. But what was unusual was his furious flourish that made for one of the most stunning finishes ever.

Trailing 105-99 with under 20 seconds remaining, the Knicks had the game won. But after Miller drained a 3, he then stole the inbounds pass, dashed out to the 3-point line and nailed another to tie the score. After a pair of missed free throws by the Knicks and a missed shot by Patrick Ewing, Miller got the rebound, was fouled and knocked down both free throws to give the Pacers an improbable 107-105 vistory.

Of course, before knocking down the game-winning free throws, Miller had time to taunt the Knicks fans, including Spike Lee. And he got the last laugh as well, as the Pacers came back to MSG and took the series in Game 7.

Top 10 Iconic NBA Playoff Moments

5 / 11
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