Is Anybody Good in 2016 NFL Season?

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Is Anybody Good in 2016 NFL Season?

In the NFL, we know so little about who is good and who is just OK. We know for sure that there are some baaaaaaaad teams. The Browns are horrendous and have 0-16 potential. The 49ers defense is "can’t stop a nosebleed" bad. The Bears, Jaguars, Jets are so annoyingly bad that it is not worth talking about.

And then there are the Patriots. They are very good. They are so annoyingly good that it is not worth talking about. (Have they clinched the division yet or is that next week?)

Thankfully, Patriots fans have finally stopped trying to spread the nonsense of “how can you not love us?” and accepted that they are NFL villains. Exclaiming the Belichick-ian mantra of: “Nobody likes us and we don’t care.”

Aside from them, is anybody else good? The league has 12 teams with over .500 records and another seven teams at .500 exactly. There is no glut of losing teams, just 43.8 percent of the league has a losing record, but there is a tremendous amount of mediocrity and bad teams cloaking their awfulness with winning records.

The NFL teams who we think might be good are ...

(Compiled by Ben Krimmel)

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