13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

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3. Advice for a Novice Whitlock Reader

RCS: In that apology to Wetzel, you also wrote something interesting about your entire body of work. “[O]ne of the flaws of my column-writing style is that it's impossible to just parachute into one column and come close to understanding my total perspective. Occasional (and unsophisticated) readers of my column reach many inaccurate conclusions. It amazes me the seemingly equal number of readers who are convinced that an unchecked anti-white or anti-black bias drives the content of my column.”

For a novice Whitlock reader, who wants to understand your perspective comprehensively, how should such a reader begin to approach your work?

Whitlock: A novice would have to withhold judgment for six months to a year. Just read, enjoy and don't jump to any major conclusions about an agenda he/she might suspect I have. I don't have an agenda. I'm on a journey, following the little pieces of truth I discover wherever they lead. You parachute into a column, read a line bashing Sarah Palin and you think I'm a hardcore Democrat. You parachute into a column, read a line criticizing something Barack Obama said, and you think I'm a Republican. You read for a year and you figure out I hate politics and politicians.

13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

4 / 14
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