13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

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11. Best Draft Day Analysis?

RCS: You talked earlier about your inclination as a writer to be direct. Well, in the most clicked-on column of last week, you were very direct. You opined that Herm Edwards was the biggest loser of the NFL Draft. “Herm Edwards, the rookie ESPN analyst and fondly regarded as the Human Sound Bite as an NFL head coach, turned in a disastrous and distracting performance during the two-day NFL draft. Edwards was so bad that my sources in Dallas reported that Emmitt Smith could be heard shouting: ‘I would’ve have did a better job!’”

If not Herm Edwards, who would you have liked to see give Draft Day analysis?

Whitlock: Emmitt Smiff would be at the top of my list. Seriously, all I need is Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Tom Jackson and Chris Berman. That's my draft dream team. Berman and Jackson have awesome football chemistry. Kiper and McShay are terrific.

Former coaches who still want to coach are extremely reluctant to say anything. If you need a Day II team, I'm good with Kiper, McShay, Jaws and Trey Wingo/Suzie Kolber. Jaws loves football, and I know he does his homework. Wingo is a good host. Kolber is my favorite anchor, a beautiful woman who actually knows the game.

13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

12 / 14
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