13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

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13. Disappointed Tony's Baby Was Kurkjian's?

RCS: Alright, last question. A few months ago, Tony Kornheiser announced on PTI that he was pregnant. PTI creator Erik Rydholm guessed you were the father. Were you disappointed -- or perhaps jealous -- to discover that it was Tim Kurkjian's baby?

Whitlock: Man, this is the first I've heard of this. That's funny. Yes, I'm pissed. Tony better not be cheating on me. Tim Kurkijan isn't even Tony's type!!!!

Those guys are great. Tony, Mike Wilbon, Erik, Matthew Kelliher, Tony Reali, Dan Le Batard and that whole group have gone out of their way to show me support even though I'm thought to be at odds with ESPN. There aren't that many people within the industry who get me. The PTI gang does, and when they don't, they're not afraid to ask me to explain myself. They have real confidence, which comes from having real talent.

13 Questions With Jason Whitlock



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