13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

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8. Are You Elevating Sports Bloggers?

RCS: In your Leftover Truths column, you said that you were “still waiting for sports blogs to police themselves,” citing the fact that “no one in the blog world or in the print media world attempted to level a penalty against [Deadspin editors] Will Leitch or AJ Daulerio for the crime [of] posting the man-laws-breaking gossip in the first place, [Stu Scott’s text messaging].”  Except for you. 

Then recently, you suggested that as America's first Racial Apology Czar, Stu Scott may be “allowed to whip Leitch and Daulerio's asses on national television.” 

As we said before, you’re currently the single most popular professional sports columnist. By choosing to react to Deadspin instead of, for example, another sports columnist, are you elevating sports bloggers?

Whitlock: I don't have a problem with sports bloggers. I don't mind elevating them. I don't mind reacting to them. I'm glad they're out there. Occasionally they do really good stuff. It would be silly to ignore them. They influence the sports conversation. If someone writes something interesting on a sports blog I read, I'll post a response under my name. I'm a sports fan. No different from most of the bloggers. What Leitch and AJ did was an extreme act of cowardice. It bothered me that no one called them out on it. My read is/was that most of the media grew afraid of Deadspin out of fear of being ridiculed, fear that Leitch or AJ might look through their garbage in hopes of uncovering some dirt. I say expose 'em. I wish that Buzz Bissinger had asked me a few questions before going on Costas Now. He fired the wrong ammo.

Leitch is an assclown. It's not a coincidence that traffic on the site has gone through the roof once he and promotion of his piss-poor book were de-emphasized. The guy pulled off one of the greatest scams in the history of journalism, parlaying pictures of drunk athletes into a Sports Illustrated profile and a gig at the New York Magazine. Only in America.  

13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

9 / 14
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