13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

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10. Still Reading Political Columns?

RCS: During the election, you dove into the political fray with a column about how Sarah Palin attracted you to politics and how she lost your respect. In fact, you wrote, “I spend hours every day reading realclearpolitics.com.”

Do you still read political columns? And if so, who are the columnists you most admire?

Whitlock: I honestly only read political stuff that relates to Palin now. I went cold turkey on all the political blogs. Huffington Post, RedState and RealClearPolitics don't get clicks from me these days. I visit your site, TheBigLead, Deadspin and SportsJournalists.com. I don't like politics or politicians. Sarah Palin captured my imagination. She is, as best I can remember, the only attractive woman I've ever passionately disliked.

13 Questions With Jason Whitlock

11 / 14
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