Top 10 Media/Athlete Confrontations

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Top 10 Media/Athlete Confrontations

Ines Sainz. If you didn’t know that name a week ago, you’ve surely heard it and read it a thousand times now. The former Miss Universe contestant turned Mexican TV reporter was allegedly harassed by the Jets and everyone has an opinion on the incident (and many have opinions about those opinions).

Was she asking for it for wearing tight clothing? Was it all a plan to put her in the spotlight? Does the NFL culture foster such behavior? Should women be allowed in the locker room in the first place? Should ANY reporters be allowed in the locker room?

Players, columnists and talking heads have all weighed in but this is in no way a new topic. Ever since there were sports reporters there have been confrontations between them and the athletes they cover. The locker room is a workplace for the athletes, as well as for the reporters. Close proximity and divergent goals sometimes produce volatile results.

In the scheme of things, what happened between the Jets and Sainz was relatively mild. Not to take the situation lightly but it comes nowhere close to some of the most outrageous interactions between reporter and athlete. Some include sexual harassment, others include athletes and coaches assaulting reporters, and one even includes a reporter’s revenge. Here are the Top 10 Media/Athlete Confrontations.

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