8 Questions with Mike Bianchi
RCS Interviews Mike Bianchi
Posted On 05.17, 2013

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Mike Bianchi is a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, and has previously written for the Florida Times-Union, Gainesville Sun and Florida Today.  RealClearSports recently interviewed Bianchi to ask him about Barack Obama, the future of sports journalism and his rather erroneous pick of Oklahoma in the BCS Championship game.

  1. What happened in the BCS Championship game?
  2. How did sports help Obama win the election?
  3. When is Tiger coming back?
  4. Until Tiger's return, what's keeping you busy in Orlando?
  5. What brought you to the Orlando Sentinel?
  6. Why do you also maintain a blog and do radio?
  7. Are you concerned about the future of journalism?
  8. What does the future hold for Tim Tebow?

Full Transcript of the RCS-Bianchi Interview


1. BCS Championship ››

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