Top 10 MLB Ballpark Landmarks

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1. Green Monster at Fenway Park

The Green Monster. The Monstah. Or simply, The Wall. It teases right-handed batters, tempting them from roughly just 300-feet away (or maybe less). It’s a thirty-seven-foot high wall of wood, tin, concrete and plastic, stretching from the left field foul pole to center field. And it is the most recognizable landmark in all of baseball’s stadiums.

The Wall, which originally was built to keep out fans that did not have tickets, opened with Fenway Park in 1912, and has withstood renovations and multiple fires. Eventually, in 1936, the wall, which had been covered in advertisements, was painted green, and in an effort to save the windows in building across the street, a 23-1/2-foot tall net was added to the top.

The net has since been replaced with a section of seats atop the Monster, offering fans one of the most unique views in the game. But for the most part, it has remained relatively unchanged. It still has more dents than you can count, hidden Morse code, and a manually operated scoreboard. And it is still the most recognizable landmark in baseball.

Top 10 MLB Ballpark Landmarks

11 / 11
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