Top 10 MLB Ballpark Landmarks

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3. Monument Park at Yankee Stadium

Perhaps there is no greater tribute to baseball’s past legends outside of the Hall of Fame than Monument Park. Names like Gehrig, Ruth, Mantle and DiMaggio are honored in the park just beyond the fence in centerfield, ensuring their permanent place in Yankees’ history.

The Park began to honor manager Miller Huggins and players Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth after their deaths, with monuments erected in front of the flag pole in straightaway center– amazingly, it was all in the field of play, creating the occasional tricky bounces for fielders (reportedly, as a Yankees outfielder struggled to retrieve the ball from among the monuments, Manager Casey Stengel hollered to the field, "Ruth, Gehrig, Huggins, somebody get that ball back to the infield!")

Eventually the monuments were moved off the field of play when the Stadium was remodeled in the 70s, and made the move when the new home of the Yankees opened this season.

Top 10 MLB Ballpark Landmarks

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