Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History

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10. Reveals True Identities

A common complaint, and a source of ammunition used by those who do not see the value of sports blogs, is that the authors are people in their mother’s basement, posting hatred under the safe cloak of anonymity. was once the target of that anti-blog rallying cry, as they dissected lazy and poor sports writing and commentating (particularly, baseball announcers; hence the name), taking to task some of the industries’ biggest names. They boasted the site was "Where Bad Sports Journalism Came To Die." What it lacked in aesthetics, it more than made up for in witty, clever and sharp commentary, all while using the identities dak, Ken Tremendous, Junior, Matthew Murbles, and Coach.

But then, in February of 2008, after almost three years of aliases, they decided to take off the masks, writing: “We don't want anyone to be able to write off what we say as the un-credited ramblings of people too afraid to stand behind them.” As it turned out, they were television writers, and good ones at that (“Ken Tremendous” was in fact Michael Schur, a writer for “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”; he is also Dwight Schrute’s cousin, Mose).

This prompted other bloggers to reveal themselves, most notably Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead and Drew Magary (aka Big Daddy Drew) of Kissing Suzy Kolber and Deadspin, instantly adding a new level of credibility and accountability. No longer were bloggers seen as anonymous "web-bullies" taking shots from under a security blanket of anonymity.

Top Ten Moments in Sports Blog History

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