Top 10 Most Hated People in Sports

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7. Fabio Capello

If this list were done every four years, since 1970 there would be a different man on this list who shoulders the blame for England not winning the World Cup. In 2010 that honor belongs to their coach, Fabio Capello. Coming into the World Cup, England had high hopes, top level players and the highest paid coach in all of soccer. Capello earns £6 million (approximately $9 million USD) per year as the coach of England’s national team (a job title he still holds despite an ocean of complaints from the public and media).

With a price tag like that the English expected success. Capello brought his iron fist managerial style to England and was given the reins, promising a breakthrough. Instead he lost his team, had a dustup with John Terry, couldn’t get Wayne Rooney going, and rigidly stuck to a system that didn’t work. On the field, England managed only a tie against the United States, finished second in Group C and was eliminated by arch rival Germany in humiliating fashion in the second round.

Capello hasn’t done anything morally reprehensible or intentionally insulting to the fans, but in England, that doesn’t matter. On the biggest stage in the world he failed, miserably, and for English soccer, that’s all that matters.

Top 10 Most Hated People in Sports

5 / 11
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