Naughtiest of 2008

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10. Sean Avery

Being enough of a pest to get other NHL teams to hate you and want to hit you can be a marketable skill for a hockey player. Being so annoying, abrasive, and rude that no fans like you and even your own teammates won’t stick up for you is a problem, and that’s just what has happened to NHL bad boy Sean Avery over the past year.

In the NHL playoffs, Avery was such a pest to goalie Martin Broduer that a rule was made the very next day – called ‘The Sean Avery Rule’ – to prohibit players from blocking a goalies’ view with their hands and equipment.

By the time the offseason rolled around, the Rangers were done with the immature Avery and sent him on his way to Dallas, where he quickly alienated himself from his teammates. In November, Avery supposedly unleashed a stream of obscenities directed towards a fan who was heckling him in the penalty box.

In Avery’s most recent indiscretions he referenced NHL players’ love for his “sloppy seconds” (Calgary Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf is dating Avery’s ex, Elisha Cuthbert). This was the last straw in a year-long habit of continually stepping over the line; Avery was suspended and eventually released, leaving him looking for a new team this Christmas.

Famed hockey analyst Don Cherry may have said it best: "I've known this kid since he was about 16 years old; Once a jerk, always a jerk."

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